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About bitcoin, crypto and gold

This time without a lengthy and flowery introduction - because the assets we will describe simply do not need one. Bitcoin and gold. Both super hot in 2024. Each has its own anti-fiat approach. Both have a very loud and often fanatical fan base. Each has a different story to tell.

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Comment on occasion of latest price growths on gold and silver
Gold: on 3rd of April 2024 closing price at 2299 USD. On 4th of April, intraday high at 2305 USD. On 5th of April closure at 2329 USD. Breached resistances, full price discovery in nominal values, parabolic movement. Silver: on 3rd April 2024 closing price at 27.1 USD. On 4th of April intraday high at 27.3 USD. Next day closure at 27.4 USD. Breached 26 USD resistance, attempts to move up..
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We just run out of gold! What next?!? - part 1
What if gold has run out on Earth? No more gold. Es gibt kein gold. No existe el oro. Zołota niet. Złota nie ma - wyszło. In our search for yellow metal, we’re going to travel in time, reach where mankind barely reached so far, discover fascinating world of microorganisms and try to make modern philosophical stone. We’ll step down below Earth’s crust, touch the ocean bottom and look in the stars. So join us in an adventure in search for not-so obvious and hidden gold.
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Five percent of the world changes
How much is it 5%? It’s relative. Have we had 1000 dollars that would be fifty bucks. On equity or commodity markets that would be juicy profit or loss. As a margin for goods manufacturing entity – that is dependable on type of goods and costs occurred – as it will directly impact our EBITDA. On more volatile markets like crypto, that would be just another boring day. But on treasury markets - especially in relation to yield – five percent mean a lot.
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