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We offer a depository service for customers who would like to store their coins or bars in a safe place. Thanks to cooperation with the world's largest vaults, we give the possibility of storing precious metals in perfectly guarded vaults all over the world that are outside the banking system. The best known ones are located e.g. in Zurich, Frankfurt, London, New York, Toronto or Singapore.

The vaults are perfectly secured, each of them having trained and armed security as well as standards related to the safety and storage of precious metals. Investors can be sure that their products are sorted and stored in designated caches. You can check the deposited products online!

The vaults are also subject to regular inspections carried out by an independent audit company. The investors can be sure that their gold will not be lost. An additional protection is insurance guaranteed by an external company.

The depository service allows investors to quickly and easily resell their precious metal products at any time. There is no problem with packing coins or bars and having to go to the stationary store. Thanks to this solution, the customer is not exposed to theft attempt.

Advantages of storing investment metals in our vaults:

• Low cost - the price for customers for the first year of storage is PLN 0 (for products purchased in our store), the price for the following year is 1% of the value of products purchased per year.

• Free delivery - you do not pay anything for sending your products to the warehouse.

• Reports - you can check the current value of your assets and review the transaction history at any time.

• Insurance - your products are insured against damage and theft.

• Availability - possibility of withdrawing investment metals from the depository at any time.

• Protection - the vaults are supported by trusted companies with armed guards and 24-hour surveillance.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone: +48 22 623 85 61 or via e-mail:

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