Buy and store investment silver in duty free warehouses

How to Invest in silver in a safe way?
Without the necessity to keep precious metals at home?

Risk, such as theft, capital control, terrorism, war and natural disasters that may affect situation in a given country, proves to be a major concern while investing in physical silver. Therefore, it is important to ensure geographical diversification of the capital owned to disperse the risk of these events. Currently, spreading the risk onto various markets may be of more significance than ever before.

Metal Market Europe Sp. z o.o. offers the sale of physical silver in a form of investment bars weighing 100 and 1,000 oz, at the lowest market premium, combined with the storage of the metal in a duty free warehouses operated by Loomis International company. Loomis provides the guarantee of the highest level of service and security, based on its global network of partners in the field of logistics, insurance and storing.

Loomis International – trusted partner

Loomis International company is one of the leading companies in the field of logistics and storing valuable objects, such as precious metals, banknotes and works of art. Its offer includes non-standard and inland storage in high-security warehouses, in many locations around the world. Additionally, it performs and facilitates regular audits and provides comprehensive, specialist insurance coverage.

The history of the company started over 160 years ago, in the period of American “Gold Rush”. In April, 2014 Loomis took over the full package of Via Mat Group shares – the leader in the field of precious metals transport and storing all over the world. The company currently employs 23,000 workers in 20 countries. It is listed on the Swedish stock exchange through its parent company, Securitas AB, and has over 400 branches in the whole world.

Loomis International is the member of LBMA organization (London Bullion Market Association) which determines and supervises compliance with the quality and security requirements at London Bullion Market. The base of Loomis company customers include banks and the biggest financial institutions, as well as government agencies. Due to the industry specifics, it also supports biggest mines and mining companies from all over the world (especially other LBMA members). Metal Market Europe company cooperates with Loomis International uninterruptedly since 2014.

Where are safe, duty free warehouses located?

Metal Market Europe offers insured delivery and storage of precious metals in the safest vaults in Switzerland and Germany. There are two locations to choose from: Loomis International Frankfurt and Loomis International Zurich Kloten. Long history, prestige, Swiss trustworthiness and preferential legal status makes them one of the safest places to store precious metals in the world.

Who will benefit?

Metal Market Europe addresses its offer to the investors and buyers of silver, who want to diversify their capital by investing in investment silver located in safe jurisdictions, independent from financial institutions and governments.

Online purchase of the selected amount of silver, physically available in the selected duty free warehouse, without the possibility of its collection provides a significant benefit. Such transaction is not subject to VAT, yet also significantly differs from other forms of investing in silver (e.g. through ETF, digital instruments or Internet platforms). Such form of saving is a safe, smooth and more profitable way of putting savings into precious metals. This level of transparency, security and availability is invaluable - and the price offered to customers is the lowest on the market.

Why silver bars?

Metal Market Europe company stores 100 and 1,000 oz silver bars in Loomis warehouses in Zurich and Frankfurt. These bars come solely from the most prestigious and valued silver refiners, approved by London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Silver bars weighing 100 and 1,000 oz are the most popular products among the investors due to the low premium which increases their liquidity.

London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

LBMA is an international industry association handling gold and silver, also called the London Gold Market. The organization determines and supervises restrictive requirements concerning quality and security of products at London Bullion Market.

There are other institutions in the world which issue their own accreditations. Nevertheless, it is LBMA that has the greatest importance and decides which producers will be able to enjoy the greatest interest of the clients.

LBMA accreditation is the confirmation of a given product high quality and a guarantee of the compliance with a number of strict requirements. Among others, the proper weight and purity of bullion, as well as mandatory display of necessary information on the product (serial number, purity, weight, year of production and a stamp). For silver and gold there are different requirements. The producers, who meet all the requirements, are listed on the so called ‘Good Delivery List’; a confirmation of the supplier’s credibility.

Only the biggest producers are able to meet the requirements set by LBMA. A high reputation of the producer translates into better recognizability of the product in other countries – thus, the investor gains confidence in the product, and due to its widespread recognition its sale is faster and smoother.

Therefore, when choosing the investment into 100 and 1,000 oz silver bars, it is important to invest in a bar produced by a refinery listed by LBMA, as these refineries are recognizable and enjoy confidence in the market.

Metal Market Europe offers a wide range of silver bars from refineries approved by LBMA, such as Metalor, PAMP, Umicore, Asahi, Royal Canadian Mint, Argor Heraeus, Engelhard or Valcambi. All the bars are of .999 purity or higher and are stored in a safe, duty free warehouse.

How to make a purchase

We offer the possibility of buying and storing investment silver on the account of Metal Market Europe company. Before the purchase process, we kindly ask you to register on the store’s webpage, in “My Account” tab. After having finished the registration process, select 1 of 2 offered products:

- LBMA investment silver in duty free warehouse in Zurich

- LBMA investment silver in duty free warehouse in Frankfurt

Then enter the preferred quantity of silver expressed in ounces (minimum value is 100 ounces), click the ADD TO CART button. The cart should not contain any other product, otherwise there will be no possibility to chose the storage option (vault Zurich-Kloten or vault Frankfurt).

In the delivery options, please choose storage in a vault and complete the transaction by clicking the ORDER  WITH THE OBLIGATION TO  PAY button.

As soon as the system processes the order, order confirmation will be immediately sent with the information about the payment. Our advisor will provide you with the deposit agreement and will contact you at the final stage of the process.

We also encourage you to use the assistance while opening an individual account in one of the above mentioned warehouses. All you need to do is to contact one of our advisors (there is an assistance service fee).

Most important information

Access to the account and the status of the orders
Information about the account and the status of the orders are available after logging into the account (“My Account” tab). Having an existing account is a prerequisite to benefit from the offer.

Resale of the investment silver
You may resign from the investment at any time. We guarantee to repurchase the products at a buyback price which can be seen on the product page. The repurchase is possible during office working hours.

The insurance covers 100% of the entrusted products’ value. The insurer is a specialized entity, providing this type of service. Insurance cost is included in the amount of deposit charge.

No product on the webpage of the store
When one of the products is not displayed on the store’s webpage, it means that we are temporarily out of stock in a given warehouse. Metal Market Europe Sp. z o.o. does not sell precious metals that are not available in the warehouse!

Deposit collection
There is no possibility to collect purchased silver. Nevertheless, please be ensured that the precious metals bought are stored in the state-of-the-art facility with the highest level of security. Loomis International is responsible for the storage. Loomis is the guarantor of the highest level of service and security.

Price List
The price list on the webpage is only available to the registered customers of Metal Market Europe Sp. z o.o.

The costs of investment
No fees shall be charged for the first year of storing the investment metal. Only after a year, a fee is charged . (according to the Price List).

Such investment is not subject to VAT, as the silver purchased is physically located in a duty free warehouse and there is no possibility of collecting it.

Specifications for a Good Delivery silver bar weight
Silver bar weight:

• Minimum silver content: 750 troy ounces (approximately 23 kilograms)
• Maximum silver content: 1100 troy ounces (approximately 34 kilograms)

However, it is recommended that ideally refiners should aim to produce bars within the following weight range:

- Minimum silver content: 900 troy ounces (approximately 29 kilograms)
- Maximum silver content: 1050 troy ounces (approximately 33 kilograms)

*The gross weight of a bar should be expressed in troy ounces in multiples of 0.10, rounded down to the nearest 0.10 of a troy ounce.

The recommended dimensions for a Good Delivery silver bar are approximately as follows:

• Length (Top): 300 mm +/- 50 mm Undercut: * 5-15 degrees
• Width (Top): 130mm +/- 20 mm Undercut: * 5-15 degrees stopni
• Height: 80 mm +/- 20

The undercut refers to the degree of slope on the side and ends of the bar and is calculated using the following formulae: 90 degrees (ATAN (H / ((TB) * 0,5))), where H = Height, T = Top and B = Bottom.


The minimum acceptable fineness is 999.0 parts per thousand silver.

- Serial number;
- Assay stamp of refiner;
- Fineness;
- Year of manufacture.

Price List for Storage

*No fees shall be charged for the first year of storing the investment metal. Only after a year, a fee is charged for storage.

*Minimum purchase (100 ounces).


✓ storage in the state-of-the-art facility with the highest level of security;

✓ long-term and short-term storage;

✓ possibility of storage on the account of the company (price list) or on an individual account (the assistance in the opening of an individual vault account is subject to a service fee);

✓ no additional fees for storage for the period of one year, every subsequent year in accordance with a standard company’s price list (price list);

✓ comprehensive service (storage, management and customs services);

✓ audit performed every 6 months (by KPMG company);

✓ full insurance protection;

✓ easy withdrawal from the investment with the guarantee of repurchase

Investment Silver LBMA located at duty free magazine
in  Frankfurt

Investment Silver LBMA located at duty free magazine
in  Zurich

In order to obtain more information, please contact our team at +48 22 623 85 61 In order to obtain more information, please contact our team

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
There is always less of a problem with UPS delivery because they do not contact customers by phone. They say they don't know, resp. they do not read the phone number from the order.
The information about my order was very good. It arrived when they said it would. Very good company to buy from.
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